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Extend/Customize Petals Platform

Hi to All Petals Developer and Petals Users.
In advance I'm sorry for my English.
In Refer to a specific question that I gave in my last post http://forum.petalslink.com/Problema-running-Petals-from-code-td4025473.html.

I want to start a new thread to explain my needs, as Graham Crosmarie suggested me.

What I need is extends PetalsBPM Web Editor for my necessity.
I want to create my kind of process that are simply process according with BPMN 2.0 Standard. But my process must to have some particular properties:

-I need in my palette just with the Service Task;
-The Service Task must have some property bind in the setting;
-But I must have different the Service Tasks in my Palette;
-Each Service tasks has some particular properties that change based on the type;
-Each Service tasks has its own icon;
-I need validate function( no custom but the alredy existing function)
-I need to export/save/store the BPMN.xml file in filesystem or in my knowledge base;

For example I need my ui like the image below:

Can some one help me just to indicate the right way to do what I want?
I hope there is someone that can help me and indicate which part of the petals project I really need, I don't think that I need all component show in the dependecies graph. I'm lost in the Petals code right now.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
Best Regards.