MéléeNumérique , Toulouse : 5 Free VIP Invites !

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MéléeNumérique , Toulouse : 5 Free VIP Invites !

Mathieu Le Breton
Hi !

We, at Petals Link, will animate the Village du libre at La Mélée Numérique event, in Toulouse-Labège, April 28-29th.
There will be many Open source activists there, including :
Linagora (SSLL et Messagerie), WS-Interactive (CMS), Makina Corpus (SSLL), Anyware Services (CMS et GED), NS Team (CRM), Kelis (Chaîne éditoriale), OPCoach (Eclipse), Objectif Libre (Formation et Services), Apem (SiG) et Petals Link (SOA)

We were happy to meet Tbarbey, Gderouze, and Jeremie Doucy at Solutions Linux in Paris, in March.
So again, I wanted to give some VIP invites to the community members.

Just message me or write on the thread :)
(Oh, and the organizer's deadline is on Thursday 8th ;-) )

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