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New documentation website: what do you think?

Hi everyone,

some of you may already know, but it's official now: we migrated our documentation on a centralized wiki, (!
We've been working on this since some months to bring more readibility, flexibility and richness!

The most important changes are: full html documentation (you can export it in PDF, but it's not perfect yet), research engine, better browsing (at least we hope so! ^^).
By registering, you can also set up a quick-access list of your favorite pages, and get notified when they are modified.

Everything isn't finished by now (and a documentation is a live thing to start with  [Wink] ) but we hope you'll already find this an improvment over previous publications.

We'd love to have some feedback from you to improve it! So keep your eyes opened and your hands on keyboard. ;)
Have a nice browsing! (

If you want, you can.

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