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We are slowly launching a project for a new PEtALS community website.
Why ? Current website is static, difficult to handle/maintain, to add news, and it's not really helpful for community.

But before doing any code or graphics, I would like to be clear about how it can become useful, for you.
What you would appreciate, that is not here now. What you appreciate on the current website, that you would like to keep.

MY goals for now : (That require much more than website : organization, animation, communication, etc...
But it is difficult to do this, if the tool (the website) was not designed for this at all)
- Show the community activity at a glance
- Make you share about evolution priorities
- Integrate your contributions
- Increase the number of "known" users

What are YOUR goals ?

Details that might be integrated, to correspond these goals :
- User management, with several implication/authorization degrees
- Place to share about priorities (maybe this forum ?)
- Video testimonials and interviews, from developers and from users
- Testimonial/Success stories section (maybe too commercial for community website)
- Easier to update data when new release
- News, Events, Trainings, and latest forum post, on main page (+Maybe, later, webinars)
- Blog entry, from EBM bloggers, and other bloggers that want to be promoted.
- Contact box, to enter in contact with guys of a testimonial/success story
- Online documentation
- Modified download section, with clear difference between stable/supported, old, and contributors components.
- Give authorizaton to contributors, to add their contributions, and update it on their own (maybe with a validation ?)
- Search box, to search into doc, forum, petals&ebm articles.
- Easy access to source code, SVN, and snapshots
- Links to external useful ressources
- Technical description of the released features
- Description of the big tasks we are working on
- User page, with biography and/or link to linkedin/viadeo profile
- Link to support authentification, for easy access to those who get support (?)
- Contact email@OW2, on main page (?)
- Visible link to corporate ebm websourcing website, to get info about project leader
- Description of partners/contributing companies

Do you have other goals ?
Details that might be useful to you ?

PEtALS, the open source distributed ESB

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