Petals ESB 4.1 and Petals Studio 1.3.2 are out!

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Petals ESB 4.1 and Petals Studio 1.3.2 are out!

Hi everyone,

after a few months of adventures, with our integration in LINAGORA, we are happy to announce a new release for your preferred open source entreprise service bus!

Petals ESB 4.1 contains several performances improvements, and brings its command-line administration tool to a new dimension, with features such as command history and auto-completion, and a range of commands to administer nodes.

It is accompanied with a new release of Petals Studio to ensure compatibility with the latest components. This Petals Studio 1.3.2 also brings some bugfixes and improvements on wizards.

We hope you'll like it.
And for those that would still have any doubts about it, we're still alive (and kicking)!

Learn more about Petals ESB 4.1 release
Learn more about Petals Studio 1.3.2 release

Download Petals ESB 4.1 + Petals Studio 1.3.2