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Petals Eclipse Plugins Install

Mathieu Le Breton
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==Posted by: nguyen==
I try install the Petals Eclipse Plugins from the update-site for my Eclipse Europa 3.3.2. But the Petals Eip and Petals Orchestra plugins was not installed. What is the cause ?
Best regard.

==Posted by: vzurczak==

I tried to install all the plug-ins with Europa five minutes ago, and I got no problem with the plug-ins you mentioned.

Here are my suggestions:

    Try to update your plug-ins and make sure these two ones are selected in the update site.
    When Eclipse starts up, wait few seconds before creating a new project. The wizards for Orchestra and EIP might be slower to be generated.
    If your problem is still not solved,
    select Software Updates > Manage Configuration,
    make sure the Show disable features icon is enabled,
    and make a screenshot of the list of installed plug-ins.

    Also, check the status of the Orchestra and EIP plug-ins (error overlay icon ?).
    This will help me to understand why it does not work.
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Re: Petals Eclipse Plugins Install


I resolved the problem with the Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.1

Very Happy

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Read this forum topic online here:

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