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Petals Studio 1.2 RC2

Mathieu Le Breton
Petals Studio RC2 is available ! You can download it below.
This should be the last version release candidate before stable 1.2. Please tell us any problem you encounter.

[ ] 16-Aug-2011 14:56 151M
[ ] 16-Aug-2011 14:56 151M
[ ] 17-Aug-2011 15:45 151M
[ ] 16-Aug-2011 14:56 151M
[ ] 16-Aug-2011 14:57 151M

Release note:


Improvement Request

  • [PETALSSTUD-20] - Have real use case categories in the SU wizards
  • [PETALSSTUD-22] - Validate the referenced classes, files and XPath expressions
  • [PETALSSTUD-40] - The JBI builder should validate the consumes' MEP and operation
  • [PETALSSTUD-49] - Make the SU wizards lighter
  • [PETALSSTUD-54] - Change the Java <=> WSDL utilities
  • [PETALSSTUD-66] - The DnD of a Petals end-point on a BPEL diagram should open a dialog
  • [PETALSSTUD-67] - Create an EIP designer
  • [PETALSSTUD-69] - Relative import URIs should be located in the "jbi" directory
  • [PETALSSTUD-88] - Update to SQL WSDL template version 1.2
  • [PETALSSTUD-89] - Change the UI in the first page of the EJB wizard
  • [PETALSSTUD-94] - Add a preference to determine whether jbi.xml should be formatted in JBI editors
  • [PETALSSTUD-95] - Display component operations in consumers with no WSDL
  • [PETALSSTUD-96] - Improve XSLT and Validation WSDL
  • [PETALSSTUD-99] - The Java nature is ambiguous
  • [PETALSSTUD-101] - Show the target component when creating a consumer
  • [PETALSSTUD-102] - Change the way registration information are sent
  • [PETALSSTUD-111] - Better recognition of component projects
  • [PETALSSTUD-116] - SA validation error with closed SU projects
  • [PETALSSTUD-120] - Change the notion of croquis
  • [PETALSSTUD-134] - Show Java packages in the Petals projects view
  • [PETALSSTUD-137] - Replace the BPEL croquis by an export wizard
  • [PETALSSTUD-139] - Replace "jbi.xml" tab title when editing a JBI by a more meaningful name, such as the SU name
  • [PETALSSTUD-141] - Add a shortcut "Configure Build Path" on Java projects in the Petals projects view
  • [PETALSSTUD-143] - Component type != Component ID
  • [PETALSSTUD-144] - Be able to change the end-point name in provider SU
  • [PETALSSTUD-145] - Be able to change the service name in provider SU
  • [PETALSSTUD-153] - EIP croquis: add a warning instead of an error for not set operations
  • [PETALSSTUD-176] - Change the File Transfer wizard

New Feature


Petals Link
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Re: Petals Studio 1.2 RC2


My antivirus stops the download of the "" with the following error message:

ATTENTION: ProxyAV a détecté et supprimé le virus ("Flooder.Java.NewsAgent.110") dans cette page!


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Vincent Zurczak

Petals Studio is built on Linux with Maven 3 and the Tycho plug-in.
Personally, I never had such a problem. I use Avira and I don't have any report when I use the studio. Do you have any additional information, such as the involved JAR or class?

If you prefer, you can install Petals plug-ins on a usual Eclipse.
But if the problem is in a JAR, e.g. like on this post, you will experience the same issue.

PS : within this last link, you will see the problem is in Apache Woden, which is also part of the studio 1.2. Maybe it is related.
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