Problem importing .xsd into .wsdl

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Problem importing .xsd into .wsdl


Importing the .xsd into the .wsdl brakes my service unit at run time.

I need to use a Commom.xsd (that defines types) to avoid problems on copy assignments between variables from different services. By this, although the variables have different namespaces, its types are the same, defined in the .xsd.

When I put the .xsd content inside the wsdl (pointing the namespace to tns), it works perfectly

All files validated with the studio, and well deployed on ESB.
At run time, it gives me an error. To me, seems like it does not allow importing .xsd (at least the way I'm doing)
        <xsd:import namespace="br/usp/ime/g1/xsd/Commom"
                                schemaLocation="Commom.xsd" />

Have someone imported a .xsd into a .wsdl?

Attached are the files I'm using and the logs

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Problem importing .xsd into .wsdl

Vincent Zurczak
Actually, this is not a problem with imports. Imports work well in Petals and in its BPEL engine.
The problem is with your assignations. You did not initialize your variables, and the assign members were not all good. Here is a fixed BPEL process. It works correctly with SoapUI. (fixed)
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