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I have a requirement to parse both request and response elements based on the operation. And am trying to use easywsdl. API works fine for all complex types except when it has xsd:choice. ComplexType.hasChoice() methods always returns false. So it is not able to parse elements within the xsd:choice. Below is my code snippet:
           Type type = ele.getType();
           final ComplexType cType = (ComplexType) type;
           if (cType.hasChoice()) {
                final Choice choice = cType.getChoice();
                final Iterator<Element> elemIter = choice.getElements().iterator();
                while (elemIter.hasNext() && typeNode == null) {
                    final Element elem = elemIter.next();
                    typeNode = findTypeDeclarationNode(elem);
Am i doing anything wrong? Can you please help?

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Re: xsd:choice

Vincent Zurczak

I am sorry, I am not an expert with EasyWSDL.
I have asked the help of one of the library developers. He will answer when he is back.
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